Stunning 19th Century Maps Hand Drawn by Children


I stumbled across this lovely article featuring gorgeous maps hand-drawn by children in the 19th century by David Rumsey, and had to share it with you. Could your children draw something like this? In an age before internet, learning geography also meant learning artistry, as drawing maps was a common assignment. These hand drawn maps are stunning in their artistry, but also fascinating in their content, like the maps where California is featured as an island off the coast of North America. Take a look and learn more about these fascinating creations after the jump…

  • Connecticut 1 of 8
    This geographical diagram of Connecticut is from Frances A. Henshaw's Book of Penmanship Executed at the Middlebury Female Academy April 29, 1828.
  • Connecticut 2 of 8
    This map accompanied the previous diagram.
  • Florida 3 of 8
    Student-drawn maps of Florida from 1821 & 1830
  • United States 4 of 8
    United States
    Eliza S. Ordway made a small wall map of the United States in 1829.
  • Map of the World 5 of 8
    Map of the World
    Anna M. Bullard drew her "Map of the World" in hemispheres in 1836 in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • World Map 6 of 8
    World Map
    By Frances Bowen. 1810
  • California 7 of 8
    California as an island off the coast of North America, a common geographical misconception of the 18th century. California is identified with the letter "C" which is then listed under the text pages on the islands of North America.
  • North America 8 of 8
    North America
    Learn about this map by Bradford Scott and see many, many more amazing examples of maps hand drawn by children in the 19th century at

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