Stylish & Practical Stainless Steel Organizers for Home


Right now I am in the midst of a major move and am forced to determine what I really love, and therefore worthy of square footage on the truck.  Amongst my absolute favorites are my stainless steel accessories.  They help me stay organized and keep my living space lookin’ good.  My magnetic board (see above) and shelves for my cookbooks are two of the most complimented things in my home.  Added bonus: they make utilizing wall space an attractive and budget-friendly afffair.

See source information, my recommendation for the best stainless steel cleaner around and more images after the jump.  You’ll love  seeing how I put these accessories to use:

Stainless Steel Shelves / Gallery Ledges – $34 – $44 (depending on the size)  – see how I used these shelves/gallery ledges in my own home here.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Board – $79

p.s. my favorite stainless steel cleaner is the Weiman spray (and I’ve tried many brands); don’t use the wipes…just the spray.

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