Subway Art Made Out of Everyday Materials


Photographer Henry Hargreaves has created a new series of art based on the subway systems of 5 major cities, each made out of mundane, everyday materials. I don’t believe they’re available as prints, but wouldn’t these serve as great inspiration for an arts & crafts project with your kids? You could make maps of your neighborhood, or a favorite city you’ve visited on vacation!

  • Washington D.C. Subway System 1 of 5
    Washington D.C. Subway System
    Made with M&Ms
  • London Subway System 2 of 5
    London Subway System
    Made with Dyed Spaghetti
  • Moscow Subway System 3 of 5
    Moscow Subway System
    Made with Yarn
  • New York City Subway System 4 of 5
    New York City Subway System
    Made with Ribbon
  • Paris Subway System 5 of 5
    Paris Subway System
    Made with Pipe Cleaners

[via CMYBacon]

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