Summer Must-Have or a Waste of Money?


We’re rapidly approaching stroller season, when the warm weather beckons parents to use baby strollers as a primary source of transportation. We go out to family picnics, stroll in the park, meet friends for lunch at the local outside bistro — and yes, some of this inevitably occurs during nap time.

Rather than draping a blanket or jacket over the baby’s stroller to block out the sun and encourage shut-eye, these UPF 50 SnoozeShades block out 94 percent of light to create a cozy, dark environment. And new this month, SnoozeShade now makes a version for car seats!

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Our first thought was that the shade — which has a zipper closure and velcro attachments — would serve as a pressure cooker for the child inside, even possibly being a SIDS risk. But SnoozeShade assures customers that the breathable polyester fabric doesn’t retain heat and allows for ventilation and air-flow. Plus, both the stroller SnoozeShade and the new car seat SnoozeShade fit on any brand and model.

What do you think? Is this a must-have that would make your family travel easier this summer? Or would you rather stick to draping a blanket over the stroller?

The car seat SnoozeShade isn’t available in the States yet, but you can buy the stroller shade through Amazon for $34.99. Read more about the UK-based SnoozeShade.