Super Bowl Style: Our Fave Accessories for the Big Game


Who are you rooting for in this Super Bowl: the Patriots or the Giants? No matter who you pick, we’ve got the cutest accessories for moms, kids, and, yes, even your adorable little dog. (Dads, we kind of assumed you already had a jersey in the closet … ) So whether your team wins or loses, one thing’s for sure: you’ll be stylin’ in the latest Super Bowl gear!

Keep reading after the jump to check out our favorite gear for Pats and Giants fans!

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  • Fleece 3-layer Boa Scarf 2 of 13
    Fleece 3-layer Boa Scarf
    Warm, fuzzy, and versatile, this 3-layer boa gives you five feet worth of Giants spirit — wrapped around your neck!
    Get it from Etsy, $20
  • Pacifiers 3 of 13
    A Super Bowl binky? We can't think of a cuter way to groom your little Giants fan-in-training.
    Get it from BabyFans, $9.95
  • Super Bowl XLVI Earflap Hat 4 of 13
    Super Bowl XLVI Earflap Hat
    Let's go Giants! This custom-made women's winter hat comes in your favorite team's colors.
    Get it from Etsy, $15
  • Baby Janes 5 of 13
    Baby Janes
    Are You ready for some football? These crocheted Mary Janes sure are!
    Get them from Etsy, $12
  • Drop Earrings 6 of 13
    Drop Earrings
    Mom, if you're looking for a more understated way to show who you're rooting for, these earrings are just the right amount of festive.
    Get it from, $6.95
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  • Jersey Style Fleece Scarf 8 of 13
    Jersey Style Fleece Scarf
    This extra-warm Patriots scarf measures over six feet long. That's almost as tall as Tom Brady!
    Get it from Etsy, $38
  • Baby Leg Warmers 9 of 13
    Baby Leg Warmers
    How cute! These striped leg warmers are embellished with two felt footballs, complete with hand-embroidered laces.
    Get them from Etsy, $12
  • Dog Bone Squeaker 10 of 13
    Dog Bone Squeaker
    Even your little dog can get into the game with this plush squeaker!
    Get it from Etsy, $3.99
  • Toddler Bib 11 of 13
    Toddler Bib
    The classic Pats helmet adorns this precious white bib — ideal when your tot's snackin' on that Super Bowl food!
    Get it from Etsy, $10
  • Hand-knit Baby Booties 12 of 13
    Hand-knit Baby Booties
    These adorable booties allow even your youngest family member to cheer on New England.
    Get it from Etsy, $17
  • BONUS: The Super Bowl Kit 13 of 13
    BONUS: The Super Bowl Kit
    You've got spirit, yes you do — with this Super Bowl kit, which you can get with either a Pats or Giants pennant. So who's it gonna be?
    Get it from Etsy, $22.95

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