Super Cool Customized Maps for Kids — 50% Off!


I must confess. I am a sucker for a map. And since geography is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention in our schools these days, it might not be a bad idea to put subtle nods to the topic here and there throughout your child’s environment. But these maps from Kreechurs aren’t your everyday traditional maps of our country or our world. These custom made maps are all about your kids!

When you order one of these unique one of a kind giclee prints, you provide them with up to 25 names of friends, relatives, etc and these names will appear on the map. Like instead of Gulf of Mexico it could be listed as Gulf of Mom. You can also add other things like imaginary animals, plants or buildings.

There are a couple different styles to choose from. The Large Scroll Print is available for $80 (regularly $159) and the Personalized Small World Map below is $45 (regularly $89).

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