Superbowl Snacks: Serve up Drinks On These Football Coasters!


Now that you’ve got your


*your serving trays

*salsa recipes

it’s about time for….some football coasters! No, seriously, we all know the Super Bowl means beer + party food and hey, team spirit, right? (Even if your team didn’t make into the big game.) These coasters are a great way to support any team, and they’re so, so easy to make. Plus, if you are a die-hard fanatic, you can certainly add a few touches to support your favorite team, too! Plus, they’ll make your guests smile, and you can recruit your football-loving (or craft-loving) kids into the process, too.

Find out how to make these super-cute, team-spirited coasters after the jump.

Head over to Katie Brown Home Workshop to learn how to make these neat coasters.