Tablet Portfolio Surrounds Your iPad with Old World Elegance


Tablet Portfolio case for iPad, iPad 2

The Tablet Portfolio by Kenton Sorenson is made of six-ounce leather tanned the old-fashioned way, using only plant materials in the six-month tanning process. With use and time, the leather will soften and become darker in color. Luxurious perfection for your iPad or iPad2!


Tablet Portfolio case for iPad and iPad2

The corners of the case are neatly finished with a rounded profile, and the edges are hand-stitched with durable nylon thread. In place of a buckle or snap, Sorenson added a long leather strap that wraps around the case and then pulls through a loop to securely close the flap. The Tablet Portfolio fits the iPad, iPad2 and similarly sized readers.


Available online for $190 at Design With Reach.


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