Tada! Here's a Better Way to Shop for Your Kids


Recently, I discovered Tada! shop. It’s a place where you can find a collection of children’s items (clothes, shoes, toys) across hundreds of popular brands. You can use the tools to come up with outfits. You can save favorites in a list. You can even find special promotions. Such a smart way to shop for your kids online!

It’s great to be able to shop across hundreds of sites, but the real strength in Tada! shop is how well the collection is edited. The listings are a terrifically accurate reflection of what the hippest parents are buying their kids these days. Planning on raising your own little hipster? Start here.

Learn about my favorite part of Tada! Shop after the jump.

My favorite part is the Editors’ Picks section. Tada! shop invites creative people from all over the web to curate lists across lots of different topics. I love Suann’s list of birthday gift ideas.

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