Teaching Kids to Give a Little


Good Little Piggy BankWe all know it’s important to teach our kids about saving money. Which is probably why piggy banks are a staple of the baby shower circuit. But when designers Stephanie and Bruce Tharp became first-time parents they thought it was just as important to teach kids about giving away some of what you save to those in need.

So they designed a piggy bank that makes the concept totally clear and easy to grasp. It’s two banks (a mommy and a baby?) that nest together sweetly, and allow kids to save for themselves, while reminding them to set aside a little something for charity.

On their Good Little Piggy website, the Tharps share some great ideas for driving the point home. They have links to lists of charities to consider, and recommend letting kids pick one. They also suggest that once the baby bank is filled you make a big event out of delivering the donation, even if it’s just a trip to the post office to mail a check. They think a little positive reinforcement will go a long way toward developing lifelong habits of giving and caring. I think they’re right.

Good Little Piggy BankPhotos: Piggy