Teeny Tiny Neon for the Home


How cute are these teeny tiny succulent planters? The Dipped line of housewares, by Wind and Willow home, features a rotating collection of small bowls, spoons and other accessories. They’re a great way to get add some bright color to your kitchen.

mini treasure pot wind and willow home

This Mini Treasure Pot (just $8) would make a great salt bowl (or glitter bowl), while these bright spoons ($29 for the set of three) add just the right neon punch.

neon spoon set wind and wllow home

Each object is dipped in a colored rubbery plastic, making them non-slip, while the wood is left unfinished. I may have to pick up a couple of the bowls for two of my little Valentines; they’d be perfect for hiding little treats inside.

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