Tell Time with Animals


I have a toddler boy and in addition to teaching him his ABC’s, 123’s, shapes and every other kindergarten requirement (obsessed, much?), I’m also on to time! Telling time, that is.

Thanks to this cool clock I found, I can no longer pretend it’s bed time, when it’s only 7 P.M. (Well, unless I push the dial forward, hee, hee.) And to that same note, tell him it’s 5 A.M., when it’s 6 A.M.–DARN.

Tell time with me after the jump… Modern Elephant Bamboo Clock by Decoylab is simple and sweet–and a great addition to your toddler’s bedroom or play space. The numbers are carefully carved, spaced out and easy to identify–and the red minute hand is fun to follow as it tick, tick, ticks past the bright white hour hands.

The elephant shape is chic, yet fun, promising to add unique charm to a bare wall. A precise crescent moon cut-out is in place of a traditional flappy ear, while the skinny trunk and legs create wide U-shapes that add depth and dimension to a plain background. Made of bamboo.


Choose from these cool animals too:

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Sad bear, wipe those tears

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