Thanksgiving Crafts: The 5 Best


We’ve collected the five best Thanksgiving crafts to help decorate your table and entertain your little ones while you’re busy making Grandma’s famous cherry pie. Keep reading to see our top 5 favorite Thanksgiving crafts!

  • Paper Pilgrim Costumes 1 of 5
    Paper Pilgrim Costumes
    Every kid looks adorable dressed up as a pilgrim. Plus, Dana has made it easy by giving us the templates to make these ourselves!
    See it here at Dana Made It
  • Popcorn Collage 2 of 5
    Popcorn Collage
    Here's a great one that's fun to do and delicious as well! Little hands will love creating these corn collages along with a history lesson in the first Thanksgiving
    See it here at Kaboose
  • Thanksgiving Race Game 3 of 5
    Thanksgiving Race Game
    This is a fun craft and game made with paint chip pieces. A great way to entertain the kids during the long meal too!
    See it here at Katherine Maries
  • Thanksgiving Pie Topper 4 of 5
    Thanksgiving Pie Topper
    Love the idea of using alphabet pasta to create this sweet Thanksgiving banner. Kids will love to help with the letters too!
    See it here at Oh Happy Day
  • Classic Plate Turkey 5 of 5
    Classic Plate Turkey
    We all remember this one, a preschool craft that's been around for ages! If it ain't broke...
    See it here at Holidash

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