Thanksgiving is Closer Than You Think


flatware silverware old denmark yamazaki

I may be the only one shocked by this, but I just took a good hard look at the calendar and realized that Thanksgiving is here in 2 1/2 weeks! That’s right. It’s coming up fast. If you’ll be playing host this year, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to take inventory of your flatware and dishes, and to fill in where you have gaps.

Last night, the kids helped me count up our forks and knives and spoons. We use the Old Denmark pattern by Yamazaki. It’s the pattern I registered for as a young, engaged, 21-year-old — happily, it’s still my very favorite one. According to last night’s check, we need 2 soup spoons, 1 knife and 7 salad forks to be ready for Thanksgiving. (Seven salad forks? Where did they go? I’m guessing some elaborate mud-pie related project in the yard I never discovered…)

In addition to taking inventory of our kitchen, I also like to get our knives sharpened in preparation for the big day.

What about you? Will you be hosting this year? Do you do anything special to get ready for Thanksgiving?