The 3 Coolest New 2011 Products From SkipHop


Among the many new products Skip Hop were offering this year, the coolest by far were the Bento diaper bag, the Zoo Bib and the Tree Top Friends Bedding.

Skip Hop was first (and probably still foremost) a diaper bag company, and their new offering tries to help parents who want an easy way to feed their kids on the go. The bag itself has the same quality and style you expect from Skip Hop (stroller clips, 15 pockets etc.) but there is a zipper compartment on the bottom that holds a special new product. The insulated Bento feeding pack holds three “Clix” containers and freezer packs and slides easily into the bottom compartment. It will be available in January for $99.

The Zoo Bib is such a simple idea I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before. The bib is designed in the same characters as their Zoo Pals, but once your baby is done eating, the bib folds in on itself into it’s own little pouch. It will be available March 1st 2011 for $8.

Finally, Skip Hop has some newly designed bedding that is both adorable and affordable. For $220 you will be able to get this four piece set (bumper, skirt, crib sheet and blanket) in either Flower Burst (not pictured, available December 1st) and Tree Top Friends (available January 20th). The Tree Top Friends bedding will also match an upcoming Tree Top Friends line of infant toys (for those parents that really love coordination).

Most of this stuff is so new it isn’t up on their website yet, but you can start looking for it soon at –Chris Ford

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