The Berg Little Printer: Revolutionary or Useless Gadget?


Berg Little Printer

Forget that big black box that monopolizes your desk space and sucks down expensive ink cartridges. The Little Printer by Berg hardly takes up any space at all as it spews out news headlines, shopping lists, Twitter updates, and just about anything else you can imagine. But do we really need another device in our lives?

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    Little Printer by Berg
    The tiny device sits in your home, printing information from the web on little rolls of paper.
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    Little Printer by Berg
    Once you hook up the wireless connection, you simply use your phone to setup the sources of content you want to receive. News, pictures, puzzles, weather updates, calendar notifications, birthday reminders - it can be just about anything. Messages can be sent to a friends' printer as well.
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    Little Printer by Berg
    Press the button on top and the printer will gather up all the information it has received and print out a tiny newspaper.
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    Little Printer by Berg
    You can print your miniature newspaper as often as you wish, but Berg suggests once or twice a day. No need for senseless waste of paper!
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    Little Printer by Berg
    The device is the first in a family of products that will make up the Berg Cloud, a concept that has been in the works for nearly 6 years.
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    Little Printer by Berg
    Each product in the Berg Cloud family will wirelessly connect to a box that plugs into your router, which will enable the devices to communicate with other web-enabled services. All you'll need to set them up will be a phone.
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    Little Printer by Berg
    Little Printer will be sometime in 2012. No cost has been set as of yet.


Visit the Berg Cloud website for more information.


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