The Best Advent Calendars


December 1st is two days away! Time to pull out the advent calendars. We’ve put together our favorite handmade and cutest store bought advent calendars ever. Advent calendars were my favorite as a kid and we continue the tradition as a parent. You can put little candy or small presents inside or do what we do and choose a fun activity to do together to put you in the Holiday spirit.

Even if you just get one of the old school open-the-door kinds with the chocolate, let the countdown begin!

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This Tiny Packages Advent Calendar (above) from Garnet Hill is one of our favorites. Tuck a yummy treat or surprise in each pocket!

This simple but gorgeous Pottery Barn advent is definitely on our list of favorites.

This sweet little felt one is from Land of Nod.

Martha has two great ideas The Boxes on the Wall and the Baby Socks Garland.

This clever little muslin bag advent can be bought from this Etsy Seller.

This lollipop advent would also be great with some of Bakerellas cake pops (I would totally rather eat a cake pop than a lollipop and the reindeer ones are ADORABLE.)

Don’t miss our list of favorite Advent Christmas Activities!

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