The Best Baby Blankets


Baby blankets are a dime a dozen. Not really. That would be amazing if they were that cheap! But a great baby blanket, that’s a little harder to find. Here are 6 baby blankets I adore. And I have a hunch you will too.

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  • Triangles Quilt 2 of 7
    Triangles Quilt!

    I am in love with this blanket. So modern and hip and the colors are fantastic!

    Buy  it here for $117 on Etsy.

  • Bear 3 of 7
    baby blanket 02

    Are you kidding me with this? SO cute. This is definitely one of those blankets you keep forever.

    Buy it here for $125 on Etsy.

  • Mountains 4 of 7
    baby blankets 03

    Simple and cozy. Just how every blanket should bee.

    You can buy it here for $42 on Etsy.

  • Reversible 5 of 7
    baby blankets 04

    It's like two blankets in one! I can't decide which pattern I like better. But why choose when I can have them both?

    Buy it here for $68 at Candy Kirby Designs. 

  • Striped + Neon 6 of 7
    baby blankets 05

    This one had me at first glance. The stripes are so bold and the neon is the perfect touch for the edges. It's not terribly big, but neither is the baby, right?

    Buy it here for $82 at Ferm Living.

  • Triangles 7 of 7
    baby blankets 06

    Simple and geometric and with just the right amount of color at the edge.

    Buy it here for $81.95 at Ferm Living.

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