The Best Beauty Products That You've Never Even Heard Of!




The most buzzed-about beauty products are typically the most recognizable — from drugstore basics to designer names.

But are they really the best out there?

Stylelist rounded up the best under-the-radar beauty products that everyone should know about — but doesn’t. Here are my faves:

  • Aztec Secret Healing Clay 1 of 5
    Aztec Secret Healing Clay
    According to Stylelist, this is the "Best. Mask. Ever." We'll have to take their word for it.
    Buy at Whole Foods for $7
  • image-522 2 of 5
  • J.R. Liggett’s Old-Fashioned Shampoo 3 of 5
    J.R. Liggett's Old-Fashioned Shampoo
    Cleanse your hair with olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil — without stripping your hair of natural oils.
    Buy here for $7
  • Dr. Singha Mustard Bath 4 of 5
    Dr. Singha Mustard Bath
    Soaking in a little mustard bath will detox and purify your body, getting you to the correct pH level.
    Buy here for $9.95
  • Vina Sana Solar To Polar Ultra SPF 40 5 of 5
    Vina Sana Solar To Polar Ultra SPF 40
    Protect your skin with this 100%-natural, UV-filter sunscreen, without any of the pore-clogging effects.
    Buy here for $29

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