The Best FREE Valentines We've Seen


If you’re the type of mom that I am, you might realize that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there’s not much time to order those precious, unique Valentines for your kid to hand out in class. I guess it’s love-struck cartoon dogs again…

Until an idea strikes.

Yes, there are plenty of printable options that are just as original and creative a those handmade Valentines that you coveted. And there are even some that don’t cost a penny. Here are our favorite FREE printable Valentines:

For older kids who want to hand out Valentines to their friends, you’ll be pressed to find options that aren’t lovey-dovey with semi-embarrassing suggests (i.e. “Be Mine,” “I Love You,” etc.).

That’s why we love these Valentines by Sara Westbrook (via One Charming Party). And even more than the design, we love that they’re completely free! Download these printable Valentines here.

Find more Valentines here and here.

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