The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape


For every girl who survived high school in oversized rimmed glasses, now is your chance to shine. With eyeglasses seen everywhere from the library to the runway this season, now is the time to rethink how you accessorize with your frames. What kind of glasses are best for your face shape? Keep reading to see my guide!

  • Heart-Shaped Face 1 of 7
    Heart-Shaped Face
    If you have the classic heart-shaped face, then look for oval-shaped or square-shaped frames. It will draw focus to your eyes!
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  • Square Face 2 of 7
    Square Face
    If you've got a definite square jawline, you should opt for glasses that have slimmer frames. It will make your face appear less bulky!
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  • Round Face 3 of 7
    Round Face
    For those of you with a full, rounded face, pick angular, rectangular frames to balance out your face.
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  • Oval Face 4 of 7
    Oval Face
    Do you have an oval-shaped face? Lucky you. Almost any type of frame will look fabulous on you, so go for large, thick rimmed glasses.
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  • Oblong Face 5 of 7
    Oblong Face
    If your face is longer than it is wide, you should go for larger glasses that break up a face's long lines and add width. Doesn't Anne Hathaway pull off these chic frames with ease?
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  • Triangle-Shaped Face 6 of 7
    Triangle-Shaped Face
    If you think you've got a triangle-shaped face, then go for top-heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw. I love that these glasses draw attention to your eyes!
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  • Diamond-Shaped Face 7 of 7
    Diamond-Shaped Face
    Do you have a diamond-shaped face? Balance out those broad cheekbones with cat-eye or oval frames.
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