The Best January 2011 Calendar


January 2011 Calendar August Stendig

Want to make a big impact this year? For your January 2011 calendar, try this oversize option from Stendig. It’s one of my very favorites! The pages are nice and large — 3 feet by 4 feet — and it’s the only calendar in the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Each month alternates with a black background and white numbers, or white background with black numbers. It really does look like a cool piece of art on display.

See below for one of most popular Stendig calendar traditions.

One fun thing I’ve seen done with Stendig calendars, is keeping track of Baby’s First Year. Each month, photos are taken with the baby laying on the calendar page. Over the course of the year, you can see the baby growing! Here’s one example.

What about you? Did you post a January 2011 calendar this morning?

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