7 of the Best Kiddie Pools For Summer


One of the best parts of Summer is all the time spent splashing and enjoying the sun. Even for little ones! Here are some of the best kiddie pools for summer out there for your littles to enjoy all summer long.

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  • Shade 2 of 8
    kiddie pools 01

    This one is awesome. The built in toys and shallow water makes it really fun for them and the shade from the umbrella makes mom happy.

    Get it here for $57.09 on Amazon.

  • Games 3 of 8
    kiddie pools 02

    Would you look at all the games in this one? There is enough room and games for several kids to play at once! 

    Get it here for $44.99 on Amazon.

  • Simple 4 of 8
    kiddie pools 03

    Sometimes it's all you need. Just a simple little pool to keep them cool. I love the colors too!

    Get it here for $8.16 on Amazon.

  • Fish 5 of 8
    kiddie pools 04

    This one is so fun! Not only does your kid get to sit in the mouth of a fish, but it sprays up at them too! Love it.

    Get it here for $14.99 at Target.

  • Big Kids 6 of 8
    kiddie pools 05

    This one is for the kids who are a little bit bigger. Plenty of room to play and splash!

    Get it here for $29.99 at Target.

  • Whole Family 7 of 8
    kiddie pools 06

    This is a perfect pool for the whole family to get cooled off. And when mom and dad get out, the kids can splash. But only then.

    Get it here for $39.99 at Walmart.

  • Pirate Ship! 8 of 8
    kiddie pools 07

    Are you kidding me? What little guy wouldn't love this pool? Even girls would have a blast in it!

    Get it here for $62.99 at Walmart.


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