The Best Notebooks (and Not Just Because They Look Nice)


Ecojot recently sent a few samples of the new line to review, and there was a feature in their notebooks that I was particularly impressed with. Keep reading, because also I will share with you why I am nuts. Fun!

OK, confession time. I have a weird thing about not wanting to ruin a cute notebook (or journal, or sketchbook, or pad of paper…). I leave the first page blank, so as not to sully it. I write slowly and carefully, so as not to fill the pages with unreadable chicken scratch. You know how you scribble with a pen if it’s running low on ink? Not in my precious!

Well now, they have these new “jot and share” notebooks. The pages are perforated so that they can be torn out! No more stressing over having a less than perfect page. Heck, I’ve even started writing grocery lists on the pages. This is a big step for me! Kidding. (Sort of.) And now you know one of my neuroses.

In summation: I’m crazy, and also crazy about these notebooks with perforated pages. Ha, see what I did there? Ba dum bum.