The Best of Ikea for Kids


Getting a whole home ready for a new little one can be an expensive proposition, but these tried-and-true Ikea pieces can go along way toward getting your house ready for a new arrival—or a growing toddler. Did I miss any of your favorites?

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    Leka Baby Gym - $25
    Most baby gyms are gawdy, but this one is wooden and adorable.
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    Bekvam Step Stool - $15
    It's an adult world, make it a little easier to get around (or at least to reach the sink.)
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    Kladd Baby Bib - $4
    Cheap, easy and good looking. We buy them in bulk.
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    Antilop Highchair - $20
    This no frills high chair is perfect. Easy to wipe down and no place for food to hide, and you can't beat the price.
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    Ekorre Toddle Wagon Walker - $20
    When the baby is learning to walk this clever walker has resistance for slow steps. Then when he is older it is a wagon to push his toys around in.
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    Expedit Bookcase - $130
    This shelf made our list because it is perfect for toy filled storage bins. It's pretty much like cubby holes from kindergarten.
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    Forsiktig Childrens Stool - $4
    This tiny footstool is perfect to tuck away in the bathroom.
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    Gulliver Crib - $130
    This crib is no frills and a beautiful simple design. Wins against those fancy cribs all the time.
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    Rens Sheepskin - $20
    These look great around the living room for another soft place to lay the baby but they are dangerous to keep in cribs and bassinets.
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    Smila Mane Wall Lamp - $10
    This wall lamp emits soft light and is tamper proof against little hands.