The Best Placemats for the Christmas Kids Table


kids table

With St. Nicholas Day here already, it’s a reminder that Santa Claus will be here before we know it — as will all of your holiday guests. So while you’re busy sprucing up your holiday decorations, planning your tablescape and looking for Christmas dinner recipes, don’t forget to plan ahead for your most discerning guests: the kids.

We already told you about our new favorite placemats from modern-twist (see them above on LilSugar’s kids table, and we love the butcher paper tablecloth underneath, too), which are heavy-duty silicone placemats that can be used over and over with dry erase markers. While modern-twist has a fantastic variety of coloring placemats, we’re most excited about their new collaboration with DwellStudio.

See our pick for the Best Placemats for Christmas Dinner from modern-twist + DwellStudio:


While other modern-twist placemats are a bit more challenging, these DwellStudio designs are perfect for all ages. The kids table will be bursting with imagination and giggles rather than whining and food throwing. And as we said before, simply erase the markers and start all over again. These specific placemats will be available on December 15 at They’re a bit pricey to start ($19 a mat), but you’ll be able to reuse them forever.

Here are some great giveaways to celebrate St. Nicholas Day: