The Conran Shop at JCP


Yo! JCP in da hizousse! I don’t know why, but now that they go by JCP instead of JC Penney’s, my brain reads it as J.C.P. (and then starts rapping — badly). At any rate, they are rocking the fun design collaborations lately – Jonathan Adler (you can see my picks here), Martha Stewart, and now The Conran Shop at JCP. While I have yet to be able to see any of these in person, online they look pretty fantastic. At a nice in-between price point (not Target cheap, but not as pricey as designer shopping), they give those of us with champagne taste an opportunity to bring a little more affordable design into our homes.

  • JCP Design by Conran 1 of 11

    While this collection is smaller than the Jonathan Adler collaboration, there are still plenty of great items. 

    Click through to see my top 10. 

  • Square Knit Pillow 2 of 11

    Textured warmth in the perfect neutral. Feather filled in 100% cotton so it's super cozy. 

    From JCP, $95. 


  • Stacking Trays 3 of 11

    Can you ever have enough trays? (The answer is no.) These add a modern touch to any room, together or separately. 

    From JCP, $185. 

  • Skipper Stool 4 of 11

    The perfect pop of color in any space. Great for extra seating too. 

    From JCP, $125.

  • Marbled Console Table 5 of 11

    Yes, this piece might be my favorite. I love the shape and the wood/marble pairing. 

    From JCP, $585. 

  • Slate Wall Clock 6 of 11

    Who needs numbers? Anchor this one well; it's made of slate and weighs in at 10 lbs.

    From JCP, $95.

  • Brimstone Cabinet 7 of 11

    Crafted of solid wood with leather pulls and glass doors, this piece works well in any space, from the home office to the kitchen. 

    From JCP, $2,295.

  • Beep Table Lamp 8 of 11

    It's white and wood and looks a little like the roadrunner. Beep beep. (Or is it "meep meep?")

    From JCP, $260. 

  • Tufted Wool Square Rug 9 of 11

    Tone on tone luxuriousness in teal. 

    From JCP, $300. 

  • Hyale Console Table 10 of 11

    A table that comes with it's own trays? Perfect!

    From JCP, $425. 

  • Lucina Table Lamp 11 of 11

    Lucina likes to cozy up to your wine collection and make small talk. She's friendly like that. 

    From JCP, $175.

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