The Coolest iPad Case Ever


ipad case

How awesome is this iPad case? The company that makes this, Headcase, licensed the Etch A Sketch design from Ohio Art, making it look incredibly true-to-life with a shiny red frame, gold logo and (non-working) knobs.

It’s fun, it’s functional and it’s incredibly cool in that geeky/child-like/conversation-sparking way. Put it this way, you’ll definitely be inducted into the Cool Kid lunch table in the office cafeteria.

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coolest ipad cover

This iPad cover isn’t only for looks; it’s actually incredibly functional. It’s made with impact-resistant plastic, rubber feet and felt backing for durability, and it also has key cut-outs for all of your switches, ports and buttons.

ipad case

It even has a retractable kick stand so that you can lay it flat or angle it up. The downside? Your kid’s Etch A Sketch will feel so lame compared to Mommy’s.

We didn’t think that the iPad, one of the coolest gadgets ever, could be even more desirable than it already is — until seeing this. What do you think?

You can get it for only $39 at Headcase.

[via Technabob]