Float On: 7 Over-the-Top Pool Floats for Summer


There’s nothing like a swim in the pool during the summer. And if you have a pool float to enjoy, good for you! However, sometimes pool floats can get a little out of hand. Here are some crazy and over-the-top floatation devices you might not want in the pool with you.

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  • Starfighter 2 of 8
    pool floats 01

    It's a little much, don't you think? Fun maybe? But a bit much.

    Buy it here for $51.95 from Family Pool Fun.

  • Pyramid 3 of 8
    pool floats 02

    It's like a tent on the water. Pretty cool, but the point of swimming is to swim, not sit inside. Right?

    Buy it here for $52.95 from Swimline.

  • Water Taxi 4 of 8
    pool floats 03

    This one is probably my favorite of the crazy floats. It's kind of cute, right? Giant ... but cute.

    Buy it here for $54.99 from Overtons.

  • Carousel 5 of 8
    pool floats 04

    I can see the appeal. It's a cute idea. But I know my son would get bored after one turn.

    Buy it here for $69.99 from Overtons.

  • Maze 6 of 8
    pool floats 05

    It's not really a maze float as much as it is a wimpy water slide. I don't think I totally get this one.

    Buy it here for $109.99 from Overtons.

  • Cube 7 of 8
    pool float 06

    This one is kind of the same idea as the pyramid, but bigger. 

    Buy it here for $89.99 from Overtons.

  • Pirate Ship 8 of 8
    pool floats 07

    I could see my son liking this when he was younger. But what is up with that slide on the side? 

    Buy it here for $59.99 from Overtons.


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