The Cutest Bedding for Horse Obsessed Kids


I was looking for some ways to decorate my little girl’s room with horses or ponies recently (she loves them), when I came across the bedding above. It was one of the few prints I found with horses on it that I actually liked. There were a lot of bad options out there, friends. A LOT.

I did finally manage to find some other good ones though, including a great set for boys. Check ’em all out below.

  • Painted Ponies Percale Bedding 1 of 7
    Painted Ponies Percale Bedding
    The mix of colors and patterns on the horses is adorable. This is the one we ended up going with.
    Available at Garnet Hill, $28-108
  • Cowgirl Horse Print Sheet Set 2 of 7
    Cowgirl Horse Print Sheet Set
    Yippee! For your little cowgirl.
    Available at Target, $79-99
  • Wild West Sheet Set 3 of 7
    Wild West Sheet Set
    A great option for boys!
    Available at Target, $79-99
  • Horse Sheets 4 of 7
    Horse Sheets
    The vintage illustration style of these horses is adorable.
    Available at Warm Biscuit, $25
  • Pony Dreams Percale 5 of 7
    Pony Dreams Percale
    Pink and ponies — This set would make a lot of little girls happy.
    Available at Company Kids, $12-89
  • Pony Percale Bedding 6 of 7
    Pony Percale Bedding
    More pink and ponies, but nicely done.
    Available at Company Kids, $12-89
  • Pony Magic Flannel Bedding 7 of 7
    Pony Magic Flannel Bedding
    This is a great alternative to the first bedding set if you're looking for something a little cozier (and less expensive).
    Available at Rod's, $59-69

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