The Cutest Bus Stops




I think that if I ever ran across one of these bus stops, my heart would literally explode. I really can’t handle the cuteness. Don’t you think that waiting for the bus would be infinitely more fun inside of a strawberry? Keep reading to see the rest…

  • Estonian Bus Stop 1 of 5
    Estonian Bus Stop
    How charming is this bus stop in Estonia? I feel like you should be waiting in clogs...
    Photo found on Flickr.
  • Watermelon Bus Stop 2 of 5
    Watermelon Bus Stop
    This funky melon hails from Japan. I love its little top.
    See more fruity bus stops at ArtStyle.
  • Strawberry Bus Stop 3 of 5
    Strawberry Bus Stop
    I had to share this strawberry number, too. This is my favorite!
    See more fruity stops at Art Style.
  • Moroccan Bus Stop 4 of 5
    Moroccan Bus Stop
    Ok, this is an amazing story out of Cornwall, England. This adorable lady was so tired of local vandals messing with her bus stop that she gave it this beautiful makeover.
    Read more at The Daily Mail.
  • School Bus, Bus Stop 5 of 5
    School Bus, Bus Stop
    Made of three old school buses, this bus stop is near my hometown. Located near the UGA campus in Athens, GA.
    Read more at Christopher Fennell.

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