The Cutest House Socks For Your Cutest House Bums


It’s coming on that time of year again where you want to keep those little tootsies covered up and warm, even when you’re just lounging about at home. For myself I like thick woolly socks or my trusty beat up slippers, but for the littler ones it can be hard to find something warm that they enjoy wearing and won’t kick off at the first chance they get.

Pipopipo sent me a box of their cute little “Friends for Boys” cozy socks with grippy feet and adorable little faces on the toe, and Huck adores them. I’ll put them on with his pajamas in the evening and he happily stomps around the apartment in them. They stay on all night long and only come off when it’s time to replace them with out-of-the-house socks. (Plus the box they came in is trés adorable.)

Cold weather crisis averted, thanks Pipopipo!

For more cute styles for girls and boys, check their website!

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