The Great Penguin Bookchase: A Game for Literature Lovers


Do you love your books? Do you want to have a good time, literally? For those literature lovers out there you may take your peepers off the pages and put them on the Great Penguin Bookcase game.

Originally the game was launched – as a limited edition item – at the International Literary Festival in 2007. But they have reissued it and this family game is available for sale across the pond. And you don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia of novel knowledge, it’s more basic than that. The goal? To  collect, beg, borrow or steal all 6 of the features books. If you do, you are declared the winner. So that’s the good news. The bad news? It is not available for sale to Canada or the USA. But if you know someone in Europe, they could always order it for you and send it your way!

The Great Penguin Bookcase is available here for £29.95. And check out more images of the game right here.

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