The Most Insane Sales You Have to See, Starting...NOW!


Okay ladies, are you ready? I mean, are you really ready? Like credit cards out, fingers on keyboard? Because in a matter of minutes, Gilt Groupe is starting their massive final sales I mentioned on Monday (under Gilt Children)– and word is they won’t last long. Gilt gave Babble an exclusive first look (as well as an exclusive instant-access link) at specific sale items. All of their designer clothes, shoes and accessories for kids are a whopping 80% off. Yes, 80! Go on, take a peek. Bet your wallet is out by the end:

For girls, featuring 30 big-name designers like Jacadi, Pink Chicken, Stella Cove and more!:

Peek…Aren’t You Curious Gabriella Dress: Original Retail: $68; Gilt: $13

Peek Aren’t You Curious Surf Board Shorts: Original Retail: $38; Gilt: $5

Clover New York Juno Birds Dress Organic: Original Retail: $60; Gilt $25

DKNY CBG Skinny Pant: Original Retail: $39; Gilt: $9 – $12

DKNY Printed Garden Way Dress: Original Retail: $58; Gilt: $13 – $18

Anik Batik Long Sleeve Blouse (LOVE!): Original Retail: $115; Gilt: $51

For boys, featuring 14 big-name designers like Velvet and Tweed, Baby Eggi, Little Maven and more:

Peek…Aren’t You Curious? Plaid Dress Shirt: Original Retail: $58; Gilt: $14

DKNY Track Jacket: Original Retail: $46; Gilt: $13 – 14

DKNY Straight Leg Jeans: Original Retail: $30; Gilt: $8

Blume Short Sleeve Little Man Tie Tee: Original Retail: $56; Gilt: $14 – $15.

Kids Toys, Shoes and Accessories, featuring 13 big-name designers:

Paul Frank 9-Piece Diaper Tote Gift Set: Original: $60; Gilt: $18.

Creative Recreation Youthful Cesario (Hi, Justin Bieber): Original Retail: $65; Gilt $16

ShiShu Baby Natural Bamboo Blanket: Original Retail: $68; Gilt: $38

Sir Henry Dog Doll and Booklet; Original Retail: $120; Gilt: $36

Paul Frank Julius Skull Diaper Bag: Original Retail: $80; Gilt: $24

Once it hits 9 p.m. EST, all bets are off. Go at it, ladies! May the best shopper win.