The One Bag I See On New Yorkers All The Time


There is one bag I see constantly on the streets of New York City, on the arm of every girl: dancer girls, business girls, nanny girls, student girls. Older ladies and younger ladies and, even, the occasional gentlemen. Every time I see one I wonder, What is the deal with this bag? Every bag cart in town sells knock offs. ($40, in case you were about to ask me.) I have no idea if the bags being carried are the real thing or not. Probably they are. But who can really know these things?

There’s more of this delightfulness after the jump. Go for it!

It’s the Longchamp tote bag! Taduh! So now that you’re here you can tell me: what IS the deal with this bag anyway? The color I see the most often is black (not surprisingly). But I also see a lot of brown and this orange color, too. You can even have them monogrammed, isn’t that a wonderfully preppy thing to do?

So now you tell me: Would you carry one? And what is the deal? One of these days I’ll get up the nerve to ask someone carrying one, but until then, let’s crowdsource this shall we?

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