The One Piece Of Jewelry YOU'LL Never Get Rid Of

I received such a great response to the post I wrote a few weeks back, The One Piece Of Jewelry I’ll Never Get Rid Of, and I couldn’t wait to post a few of the reader submissions I was sent! After the jump, YOUR favorite jewelry pieces that YOU’LL never get rid of. And thank you to everyone who submitted their jewelry! I had such a lovely evening reading through them all.

  • Dogeared Necklace 1 of 8
    Dogeared Necklace
    "I've always loved the jewelry from Dogeared. In March 2011 I was getting ready to graduate and scouring all of my resources to find a full-time job, my first. It was a great source of stress for me at the time, and I still get knots in my stomach thinking about it. My husband repeatedly told me not to stress and that everything would work out how it was supposed to.
    At the end of March I got a job interview at the University that I was graduating from, in the department that I was majoring in. The day before my interview, my husband pulled this necklace out of his pocket and put it around my neck for good luck. Oh, and I did get the job!"
    Submitted by Chelsea Ruesch
  • Wedding Rings 2 of 8
    Wedding Rings
    "My Grandmother received this ring in 1954, and I was given it on January 1, 2010, six months after she passed away. My Grandpa has told me he got the ring at the gas station in their little town in Northern Michigan; apparently it was the place to go.

    I'd like to think he picked it because there is a little flower on either side of the center diamond and he knew my Grandma would love that. The band that I wear with it was found separately by my husband during our engagement, it is also vintage and the settings match perfectly. They are definitely two rings that were meant to be together."
    Submitted by Alta Compton
  • Signet Ring 3 of 8
    Signet Ring
    "I was about 12 or 13 when my Nana passed down her signet ring to me and I'll never forget how excited I was to have my own real jewelry. When you're so used to getting greenish tinted rings around your fingers and wrists from items you bought 3 for $10 at Claire's, this is big time! The "G" is worn down smooth from years of wear and I only wear it now for special occasions, but it always has a special place in my jewelry box."
    Submitted by Katie Persico
  • Husband’s Class Ring 4 of 8
    Husband's Class Ring
    "My favorite piece of jewelry is really cheesy, my husband's high school class ring. We were going through some storage of my husband's at my mother-in-law's house and he found this ring and put it on my finger. I haven't taken it off since. It's big and chunky and I love it! Every now and then I see my husband glance at it and smile."
    Submitted by Amanda Charland
  • My Rings 5 of 8
    My Rings
    "Here are my rings, usually the only jewelry I ever wear. My engagement ring was my dream ring, from Tiffany's, with a single diamond, and the band is the knife edge that matches. We would never buy these now as parents! But when I married my husband, both he and these rings were all I ever wanted.
    On my right hand is a ring from my parents before I had my son, before I ever even got married. The four little stones are to remind me of my original family, my parents, brother and myself. They will always be close to my heart."
    Submitted by Shannon Oertle.
  • Claddagh Ring 6 of 8
    Claddagh Ring
    "My daddy bought it for me 8 years ago as I was entering my freshman year of high school. I have worn it every day since. My finger even has a lovely imprint of the design that I hope will never fade. The ring symbolizes love and friendship ... when you're single, it's worn with the heart facing out, like I wear it. And when you're taken, the heart faces in, towards your heart! All Irish girls have one. Boyfriends come and go, but my heart belongs to my daddy until that one special man turns my ring around and makes me his wife!"
    Submitted by Sara Kells
  • Boyfriend’s Watch 7 of 8
    Boyfriend's Watch
    "These are my daily wears. First, my watch. This is actually my boyfriend's watch that I started wearing and it has transitioned to a staple. It will be mine forever. Next my gold bracelet, which was a gift from my baby brother. And the last bracelet is a friendship bracelet from a dear friend that lives a ways away. The turquoise rings were birthday presents from my boyfriend, the skinny gold rings also boyfriend gifts, I get one for every holiday. All of which I will wear forever."
    Submitted by Chelsea Kilzer
  • Walnut Cuff 8 of 8
    Walnut Cuff
    "A while back, [my husband] Matt found a piece of walnut that was leftover from the rehab at our old house. It was too small for a piece of furniture, but too precious to discard. Matt cut, carved, sanded and polished it into the shape of a cuff for me as a gift. The moment I put it on, it made me smile."
    Submitted by Erika Nolan


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