The Perfect Deck Chair? {Comes With Bottle Opener!}


All deck chairs are considered equal right?  A comfortable incline, built to withstand the outdoor elements, maybe painted a pretty colour; but do they all come with a built-in bottle opener?  That’s what I thought.  And I guess that’s what the folks at Loll Designs thought too when they were thinking up ways to make their new deck chair stand out from the crowd.  Not only is it pretty and eco-friendly, it has double function as bottle opener.

Designed by Brendan Ravenhill with Loll, The Deck Chair keeps you comfortable and engaged; the wide arm rests are situated at a perfect height for both power lounging and as a ledge for setting a beverage or book, and beneath the right arm is a convenient stainless steel bottle opener.  Brilliant!  Happy lounging we say!  Check out it’s beautiful look in the slideshow below!

  • Beer Anyone? 1 of 4
    Beer Anyone?
    Beneath the right arm is a convenient stainless steel bottle opener.
    Available at Design Public.
  • Eco-Friendly 2 of 4
    Loll Designs products are made from 100% recycled and recyclable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same material as the #2 recyclable plastics (i.e. milk jugs, etc) that you take out to curb every week.
    Available at Design Public.
  • Great Colours 3 of 4
    Great Colours
    Comes in 6 great colours from red, green, grey, black, white and blue.
    Available at Design Public.
  • Comfy 4 of 4
    The contoured and sloped seat and curved back of this lounge chair wraps the seated with a cockpit like comfort.
    Available at Design Public.

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