The Perfect Gift for the World Traveler


As I’ve mentioned, I’m in Colorado right now for my best friend’s wedding, and I wanted to share one of my bridal shower gifts with you. My friend Steph and her husband-to-be, Barak, met while they were traveling abroad in Australia, maintained a three-year long-distance relationship across the United States, frequently traveling back and forth between New York and Colorado. One of the main connections they have is their love of world travel, even trekking throughout South America together. And in true Steph-and-Barak fashion, they were engaged on the beaches of Hawaii.

Because I know they have a goal of traveling the world together (they’re heading to Greece in a couple of days!), I wanted to get something to do with travel for her bridal shower. And when I found this scratch-off world map, I knew it was perfect.

Take a look at how the world map works, as well as the finished product:

world map

It’s the same basic idea of putting pins on a world map wherever you go, but more colorful and creative. This scratch-off world country map from Urban Outfitters is covered in gold foil, which can easily be scratched off when you visit a new country, revealing a new color.

And then when you’ve hit every country in the world, here’s what the map looks like:

Buy your Scratch Off World Map from Urban Outfitters.