The Perfect Spring Accessory


There’s nothing like the perfect canvas bag to carry library books, picnic supplies, or kids’ toys. One of my favorite canvas bag makers is Beckel Canvas. They are best known for their beautiful canvas tents but they also make these smart bags! See the designs, next.

  • Kit Bag 1 of 5
    Kit Bag
    This large bag is perfect for a weekend away or even a long journey!
    $95 at Beckel Canvas
  • Briefcase Bag 2 of 5
    Briefcase Bag
    This bag is especially designed for paperwork; magazines, files, books, you name it!
    $52 at Beckel Canvas
  • Canvas Pack 3 of 5
    Canvas Pack
    This one is designed to fit all your computer gadgets!
    $91 at Beckel Canvas
  • Army Bag 4 of 5
    Army Bag
    This army duffle bag is available in cream, army green or red!
    $68.95 at Beckel Canvas
  • Possibilities Bag 5 of 5
    Possibilities Bag
    This is the perfect size to tow under your seat for a flight!
    $65 at Beckel Canvas

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