The Prettiest Camera Straps


Do you have a pretty strap for your camera? Sarah Frances Kuhn, former Accessories Editor for Teen Vogue, has created a collection of handmade camera straps that will have you feeling snap-happy in no time.

  • Super Deluxe Camera Strap 1 of 5
    Super Deluxe Camera Strap
    This is the heaviest gauge chain, with 12" of padding. Good for heavier film cameras and DSLRs.
    From Sarah Frances Kuhn
  • Deluxe Classics Camera Strap 2 of 5
    Deluxe Classics Camera Strap
    Lighter gauge chain compared to the super deluxe option, but still with 12" of leather padding.
    From Sarah Frances Kuhn
  • Classics Camera Strap 3 of 5
    Classics Camera Strap
    The prettiest option, in my opinion. Just like a classic Chanel quilted bag's chain.
    From Sarah Frances Kuhn
  • Wristlet Camera Strap 4 of 5
    Wristlet Camera Strap
    Perfect for when you need a little something to hold your point-and-shoot by, but don't need a full length chain to hang around your neck.
    From Sarah Frances Kuhn
  • Collaboration Camera Straps 5 of 5
    Collaboration Camera Straps
    The designer also has a small collection of one-of-a-kind camera straps that are the result of collaborations with other designers.
    From Sarah Frances Kuhn

What do you think? Each type comes in your choice of colors and metal finishes. I can’t imagine using one for my heavy DSLR, but I’d love one for my point-and-shoot. A pink and brass wristlet sounds perfect.

[via Daily Candy]

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