The Real Housewives Get Personal: Yummy Drama in Book Form


Real Housewives Book with More DramaLet’s face it, you either love to hate the Real Housewives or you hate to love them. Either way, the Real Housewives shows boast over 10 million fans. Oh yes, we love drama. Now you can get more scoop about the ladies of the OC, New York, Atlanta and New Jersey in paperback form. It’s The Real Housewives Get Personal book and it is a sweet, juicy read.

Which housewife is the highest maintenance? How did the women get picked for the show? Want to know what the show’s producer, Andy Cohen, honestly thought about the reunion shows?

This is an incredibly entertaining, short read for anyone who is a fan of the show. Unfortunately the book only chronicles part of the seasons, not all of them. For example, it isn’t totally up-to-date about what happens between the ladies on the Real Housewives of New York and the new shows about the ladies of Washington D.C. and Beverly Hills aren’t mentioned.

On the bright side – the images are great, the tidbits of behind-the-scenes information are interesting and the background story about the show and the ladies makes for a fun, fun, fun read. Getting an extra dash of insight from the show producer, Andy Cohen, makes you feel even more connected to some of your favorite housewives. I give it an A+ and hope to see another one on the shelves soon.

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