The Royal Wedding: For Those Who Don't Care


the royal wedding

The Royal Wedding frenzy is at an all-time high as the countdown draws down to the hours. In a matter of minutes, Kate Middleton will walk down the historic aisle to her Prince William, becoming the next royal princess. The official Royal Wedding ceremony time starts at 11 a.m. London time (so 6 a.m. here in New York), proceeded by a processional through the city.

So everyone is all a flutter about the dress! Her hair! The entertainment! Oh, the speculation and rumors and excitement! But what about those who just don’t care? Who would rather sleep — rather do anything, really — than sit through a televised Royal Wedding?

royal wedding time

Artist Lydia Leith designed these sick bags to commemorate how sickeningly annoying you find the Royal Wedding hysteria. So while other people will clutch their Royal Wedding tea towels and display their Prince William and Kate Middleton dolls, you’ll always remember how little you cared about this historic event.

And for all of your friends throwing Royal Wedding parties, you can sit at home and send them all these someecards:

royal wedding someecardsroyal wedding

And for those who will continue to care: Luxury Clothing for Royal Babies!

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