The Single Best Gift for Moms


If you’re looking for a baby shower or holiday gift for a mom or mom-to-be, we’ve found the winner. The Information Blanket — which has vital information printed on it — isn’t just a comfy blanket for baby. It’s not just a smart gift for a new information-hungry mom. It’s fighting infant mortality.

As a first-time mom with no mom friends whatsoever, I would have loved to have an Information Blanket. The blanket measures growth, reminds you how many times to feed and gives safety information like unsafe fever temperatures. Things that I’d always question.

But we have the Internet! Smart phones! iPads!  Why do we NEED this?

Well for every blanket that’s bought, a second blanket is bought for a new mother in Uganda (printed in her language).

The women of Uganda typically don’t have access to family planning or control over their own fertility, and their lack of education poses a serious infant mortality risk. (Uganda has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.) Eventually the company would love to have Information Blankets in all developing countries — and although the languages can be customized, the universal graphics are designed for areas with high illiteracy.

Even if you don’t have any new moms to gift an Information Blanket, you can always donate $25 for a blanket to be sent to a mother in Uganda.

Spread the word! Buy a blanket! The cause is certainly worthy.