The Sweetest Cupcake Stands


There are some companies that just get it: from design, functionality to sheer fun factor. And Hello Hanna is one of them. I’ve long been a fan of their whimsical paper artistry. Have you seen their pop up placemats and books (more after the jump)? So when they released the new paper cupcake stands, I couldn’t wait to get my grubby little hands on them.

See more photos from the Hello Hanna line and a GIVEAWAY after the jump…

Just imagine your next birthday party. All those cupcakes with nowhere to pose. With today’s cupcake creations being such works of art and all, it only stands to reason that they should be supported by equally gorgeous cupcake stands.

Try as I might, I never understood those people who have a dish for every occasion. But that has never stopped me from secretly envying them, Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a separate cupcake stand set and have a million dishes cluttering your house, which is why these paper cupcake creations are such a brilliant solution to display those beauties. All the cuteness and none of the dish washing!

>>GIVEAWAY: Post a comment about favorite cupcake shop, flavor, design, (whatever!) and you could win a set of these for your little cupcake eaters.


Photos: Hello Hanna

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