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The Ultimate Getaway and Giveaway for Crafty Kids and Parents

By ElinaMamaista |

Where to start? What you are about to read is so fraught with sheer awesomeness I can hardly contain my typing. First, let me introduce Kimmel Kids, a brand so cool that only the extremely privileged, in-the-know and artsy know about (that is, until The New York Times article broke it down last week). Founded by a Los Angeles-based installation artist and designer, Karen Kimmel, the line includes educational tools and toys created to inspire kids and adults to make their own mark. The original stenciling set shown here are sold through only the coolest establishments. Think Crew Cuts in NYC and  Hennessey + Ingalls in Los Angeles.

Moving on. Karen decided that groovy stencils were great and everything, but she needed a space and an environment where families could come together to experience the joy of living and making art together. Enter the Crafting Community Ace Hotel Palm Spring weekend. A fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime weekend (sponsored by uber-cool brand Splendid) where you can come together in your mutual love of crafting, vacationing and hob-nobbing with the who’s who of the design community. Tiny tots and their hipster parents hanging poolside and doing crafts together? Is this seriously some kind of post-modern dream? If it is, please don’t wake me up.

The company has also just introduced The Kimmel Kids Composition Book and Tote, just in time for back to school. This notebook comes with a canvas cover available in three colors and the Tote is an amazing work in canvas. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS HOW TO WIN YOUR OWN TOTE FILLED WITH COOL ITEMS FROM THE WEEKEND!

Back to the weekend on October 8-10. Activities will include stencils, underwater photography, felting, sunrise yoga, skateboarding 101, airbrushing, dioramas, pottery, creative cookies and even a Sew Splendid pop-up store, where parents and kids can customize their own colorful garments. Seriously? Yes, seriously.  The team includes Tanya Aguiñiga, Richard Mulder, Kate Burger, Cathy Callahan, Mister Cartoon, Cheryl Cambras, Clare Crespo, Steven Visneau, Sheryl Cancellieri and musical duo Nikki & Rich.

Special package rate of $678* includes:

• 2 nights lodging (standard king or double)
• 2 days art instruction and supplies
• Friday night taco dinner and fireside s’mores
• Saturday and Sunday continental breakfast
• Saturday movie night and popcorn
• Splendid-styled family portraits
• Kimmel Kids tote filled with goodies

Reserve by September 24, 2010. Call the Ace Hotel: 760.325.9900 PROMO CODE: KIMMEL KIDS CRAFTING


>>GIVEAWAY: If you can’t attend the awesome event and even if you can, tell us how you add creativity to your family life and you could win the amazing tote from the weekend, filled with such amazing goodness as A Small Magazine craft kit, Spa Ritual Nail Polish, Splendid Exclusive, Urbanic Papers and much more!

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0 thoughts on “The Ultimate Getaway and Giveaway for Crafty Kids and Parents

  1. Cindy Martinez says:

    Wow! Wish we could go, but to be honest, I am a little intimidated by the hip-ness of it all. At home, I let my girls can pick materials and use them in any way they want, rather than follow-the-recipe crafts. We are currently sewing a back-to-school dress of my daughter’s own design (with help from Mom). We’ll see if it turns out ok to actually wear in public!

  2. joD says:

    If my babies were just a little older…(sigh) I hope this isn’t the last opportunity for such splendid family fun. My boys and I like to turn furniture packaging paper (thanks Ikea!) into crayon murals, right now, during our art time. We also have creative fun with our meals (inspired by bento boxes), too, enjoying our appetizing and fun(ny) creations.

  3. Karen Mwins says:

    Wow! Sounds like that is going to be one Fantastic, Craftastic weekend! I can’t make the weekend but would LOVE to win this awesome giveaway. I’m happy to say that my 4 year old twin girls are very creative and if I’m not doing something with them they are able to come up with something on their own. This morning as I was cleaning they turned two old diaper boxes into zambonis (yes, the ice rink grooming machine!), castles, and various costumes. Yesterday, some paper they colored on last weekend was turned into kites, complete with lots of holes from the hole puncher and pretty silk tails (‘flown’ in our living room as we all sang “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”). We also find pieces of nature (sticks, pine cones, acorns, misc. leaves) on daily walks and they become materials for collages, stencils, table centerpieces, etc. (the hardest part is finally letting go of all of the artwork!)

  4. R Chan says:

    One day a week (before cleaning day) I’ll let my daughter take over the house with her creative side. She is allowed to do whatever she wants, even tape pieces of paper all over the sofa!

  5. Kristinia says:

    Oh what a great deal, I wish I could go too! My son would love it! My little ones are quite young but to be creative I let my children draw with crayons, chalk, markers, paint, cooking is a big thing now with the children, and we are making our own little keepsake crafts!

  6. Betsy says:

    my oldest daughter (11) is constantly drawing with pencils, markers, crayons. She LOVES art!!

  7. Max says:

    I let the kids do a mess. A real mess. Even draw on the walls sometimes. After all, we just paint the walls and everything looks fine. Really.

  8. Khemy says:

    Maybe I will make homemade play dough with my boys, or build a tent out of bedsheet, put some light fixture and we are ready to camp!

  9. [...] LOVE: Mamaista is on a crafty, hipster roll and just wrote about the amazing Kimmel Kids Crafting Community in Palm Springs. Think creative, chic families crafting poolside with some of the world’s [...]

  10. Donna says:

    We have every Klutz book available and if we run out of materials from the book, we use their ideas and our materials – fabric, posters, etc..those books are the best!

  11. Yvette says:

    My girls do color drawings every single day. Markers, colored pencils, crayons and sketch pads are always available on their art table. They also love drawing on their easel with chalk. We take them to museums and galleries often, so they can get inspired.

  12. juile mcfarland says:

    well, when my kids were young- i let them dig a big hole in the backyard where there had been a garden. we filled it with water and they took a mud bath! then they made a bucket full of “potion” with the mud, grass, flowers and leaves from the yard. stir till combined! pour into pie tins and let sit in sunshine all afternoon. *:)

  13. Meara Daly says:

    I wish wish wish we could go but have plans that weekend. At the office we ordered a bunch of new computers & took home the sturdy outer boxes and made a big playhouse for the backyard that our daughter and her friends/cousins could decorate. As it started to wear out it turned into a giant rolling ball for them! Our daughter just built a fairy house in the backyard using sticks, pinecones, and shells. We encourage her (age 5) to cook with us each night by pulling basil leaves off the plant, cutting fruit, mixing batter…so much to do and so little time!

  14. Cass says:

    This sounds so fun. My husband and I keep a rainy day closet for our nieces and nephews. It’s filled with projects and supplies. It’s the first thing they run for when they get here. They’re always excited to see what’s new or to share an idea they thought of. This gives either my husband or one on one time with them while they get a chance to exercise their delegation skill and direct us in their projects.

  15. abcegc says:

    How I add creativity to my family life is by exploring new things. I look up on websites what’s going on and find things that are fun and easy to go to or do.

  16. Maria says:

    Wow-that sounds fantastic. Perfect fam fun. I love crafting with my baby girl! One of our fave activities is going on nature walks, collecting bits and pieces of aforementioned nature and then spilling out the contents and figuring out a project that they can all go into. It’s great fun. It can turn into a collage or sculpture or all get painted over. Sky’s the limit!

  17. Meaghan says:

    This would be a dream trip for me and my 4 year old daughter. She loves to craft as much as her Mommy! Maybe someday we can make it there (if they plan it again)! My daughter loves crafting with anything she gets her hands on, from cardboard boxes, to paints, to colored pencils and paper dolls. We would love to win the goody bag!

  18. Laura says:

    If we lived a little closer, we’d love to be there for this amazing weekend! My 7-year-old daughter has a real passion for art… She sketches daily, and is already writing and illustrating her own children’s stories… She loves scrapbooking, too, and likes to make her own pages from scratch… She creates masterpieces both at home and at school, and is always looking for new art projects to work on daily! This beautiful bag full of creative goodies would be a perfect present for her upcoming birthday, almost as good as her being there for that special dream weekend full of art and activities galore :)

  19. helenlam says:

    I love crafting! We have fabric, yarn, and glue as the basics. It’s fun just to throw things together randomly, as well as try to teach knitting, sewing, and embroidery. Hopefully this will turn into an appreciation for the handmade!

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