The Verizon iPhone is FINALLY Gonna Happen?!? When Where Why.


AT&T has had a strangle hold on the iPhone and all it’s users since the iconic, beloved and cherished cell phone debuted. If you had an iPhone you had no choice but to sign on with A&T. And you know what people don’t like? Not having a choice. But it looks like that is all going to change, finally. According to several reports…Verizon will be announcing on Tuesday January 11th that they will start to sell the iPhone. This is all still heresay, and many expected Verizon to make the announcement during their keynote at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But instead, several clues point to a New York City announcement after CES. What are the clues?

The New York Times did some sleuthing and found that, “A reporter for The Loop, a Web site dedicated to Apple news, was invited. Another Apple news site reports that employees of Verizon stores have been told to attend mandatory training sessions later this month for “an iconic pre-order.” And BoyGeniusReport, a gadget site, reports that Apple retail store employees have been barred from taking vacation in early February.”

Do you have an iPhone? Will you make the switch?

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