Theremin: Where You Can Buy Your Own!


One of the coolest things about the theremin? You don’t actually touch it. It’s like magic, just the motion of your hands near the instrument in order to make – albeit eerie and odd – music.

The Theremin may seem like a thing from sci-fi, but it was actually patented the electronic device way back in 1928 by Leon Theremin. It is a cult instrument favored by avant-garde, experimental, psychedelic and rockers alike. Oh and kids. Kids love ’em! Why? Because it’s so easy for them to make noise with them and they could eventually figure out how to make some actually dreamy tunes.

Wanna get one for yourself?

You can get one of these super cool mini – theremin. One that I actually bought for my theremin lovin’ dad. And he loves it! And it’s a perfect size for the littler ones. But be warned you’ll have to put it together yourself. The good news? It’s only $29.99! You can pick one up right here.

And check out some vintage theremin playing right here.

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