These Bikes Are Meant For Riding


Did you know that May is National Bike Month? It’s true! Sort of makes me want to join a bike gang or something (do they have those?), but only if we can tool around on super stylish rides like these ones from Brooklyn Cruiser. How perfect are those cargo boxes, or the leather handles and spring-loaded seats? I kind of love all of it, a lot.

These bikes look pretty, but they’re durable too which is extra cool. Especially their new line featuring a special 3-speed gear designed to handle the rigors of urban life, i.e. the streets of NYC.

Click through to view a more of these fantastic, vintage inspired bikes:

I can’t think of a more fitting summer activity than riding a bike, can you? Makes me miss the city. A bike ride through Central Park is a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Find out more about Brooklyn Cruiser bikes here and the where/how to buy one here.


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