These Nests Are Not For The Birds


Giant Bird Nest

Taking inspiration from the birds, here’s a collection of amazing structures designed to recreate the cozy confines of a bird’s nest.

  • Nest House 1 of 8
    Nest House
    Designed by Gerard Moline for Droog, this nest is made from a simple structure and some rope, completed with natural materials like leaves and branches.
  • Nest House 2 of 8
    Nest House
    The Nest House can serve as an observation point or a place to spend the night.
  • The Bird’s Nest at Treehotel 3 of 8
    The Bird's Nest at Treehotel
    Designed by Inrednin Gsgruppen, the Bird's Nest is one of five super cool treehouse rooms at the Swedish Treehotel.
  • The Bird’s Nest at Treehotel 4 of 8
    The Bird's Nest at Treehotel
    Inside the Bird's Nest there is space for a family with two children. The bedroom is a separate room with sliding doors.
  • Giant Birdsnest 5 of 8
    Giant Birdsnest
    A place for breeding new ideas, designed by Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr as part of the 2008 Green Garden Exhibition.
  • Weaver’s Nest 6 of 8
    Weaver's Nest
    A sustainable treehouse made from natural materials.
  • Weaver’s Nest 7 of 8
    Weaver's Nest
    The nest is large enough to house two adults and a small child.
  • Out On A Limb at Morris Arboretum 8 of 8
    Out On A Limb at Morris Arboretum
    "Out On A Limb" allows visitors to explore Morris Arboretum from above, sit in a giant bird's nest, and view the park from several vista platforms.



• Nest House, Gerard Moline

• The Bird’s Nest, Treehotel

• Giant Birdsnest, O*GE Creative Group

• Weaver’s Nest, Animal Farm

• “Out On A Limb,” The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania

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