Three Cheers for the Matryoshka Doll Trend


matroshka nesting doll toy Darlybird

Are you kidding me with this Matryoshka-doll-and-mini-doll-in-her-apron? Does a toy get cuter than this?

I’ve spotted Russian nesting doll motifs on everything lately. Teatowels, totes, bed linens, t-shirts. And I confess, I think I would be fine if the matryoshka trend continues for another decade or so. I find them irresistible. Especially when they come in bright, festive colors. I found this one at Darlybird — and they have darling pillows too! You can see them below.

Best part about Darlybird? Prices are so reasonable! The toy doll is on sale for $13.

matroshka nesting doll pillows Darlybird

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